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Q.How many cabs do you have?

A. We are tied up with hundred plus cab service providers in the region to fill the daily growing needs of the city.

Q.How many cabs can you provide to us?

A. It is a completely customizable deal, first you need to share your requirements. Which includes total number of people and their routes and timings. If you want to manage that on your own we would be happy pass on the bliss.

Q.How many type of cabs do you have?

A. We have 4 & 7 seater cabs of various brands like indica, indigo, dzire, beat, Ertiga, Innova, Xylo etc.

Q.Full time service or part time service?

A. Service is trip based. Cab is required to pick and drop at scheduled times. Pre and Post which he is not bounded with us to continue the service. But in certain scenarios we can provide full time service with extra charges.

Q.Is pricing negotiable?

A. We are here to solve your problem, if you feel our prices are not competitive enough and you can show us better deal in the region. We are ready to negotiate at your terms.

Q.Would the fare charges grow in future?

A. As you are aware Indian inflation rate and petrol rate spikes in the region. We all respect the economic changes in the region and forced to increment the crown in the prices. But not without intimating you. We will be sending you updates contract/proposal and our sales team will get in touch with you in this regards. And believe us, we are not happy, but forced due to economic changes.

Q.Would you charge weekly or monthly in our type of services?

A. We are completely flexible as per your needs. We would love to have weekly as well as monthly clearances' of unpaid invoices. Just keep clearing due invoices to help us serve you better.

Q.Night charges?

A. There are night charges of Rs. 100 per trip and Rs. 300 during gazetted holidays between 21:00 (day 1) - 05:00 (day 2).

Q.Refund policy?

A. In case of trip cancellation by Batif, there will not be any charges applied or no invoice be generated for the trip. In case customer have cancelled a pre-scheduled trip you will still be charged.

Q.Claim lost and found items in the cab?

A. Our business is based on reliability and trust and if our drivers or cleaners finds any object which doesn’t belong to Batif/Cab owners, we would inform and return before you are aware of the scenario.

Q.Cab cleanliness?

A. We all love cleanliness as our drivers too. You can always share us the feedback about if cab for the trip reaches without proper hygienic conditions.

Q.How should i complain?

A. You can always escalate the incident to [email protected] or call us at +91–8979225254,8006667538.

Q.What security measure you are acquiring for our employees?

A. All our drivers hold valid driving licenses and doesn’t violate any traffic rule, even if you provoke them to do so. In case of any incident, we will be there to best of our possible support whether it's medical or judicial incident.

Q.Driver verification?

A. All our drivers are personally verified by our Batif staff. And we have their copy of driving license and cab registration certificate. With other address and photo id proofs.

Q.Will you submit the driver details to us?

A. Yes, we will be sharing a copy of driver’s license with the contract.

Q.In case of misbehaving and other complaints about the drivers what are the action items you are going to take?

A. Batif doesn’t tolerate any misbehaves with any human of any caste, color or system. After consideration of scenarios, there can be various actions like fine, cancellation of contract with Batif, FIR at respective police station.

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