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Our Story

We were yet another engineers with IT jobs, but didn't wanted to follow 9AM - 5PM shits, Opss shifts.

We started with nothing a year back. But only thing that was present in stomach was hunger. Hunger for food, journey, challenges, knowledge. We had stomach ache every now and then and don't know why it drove us from one place to another. We failed with every deal we went through. And we still fail today...

But still we don't want to give up. We are up 24/7, 365 days and ready to serve any business of any size, any day.

What we want is a chance. If we fail, we will try again and keep doing till we don't get it.

Our Mission

We are small as compared to international vendors. But we are not that small in the regions where we operate.

We currently serve premium businesses. We want to grow to serve our premium customers with luxury services, rather than just traditional cab services.

Our Values

We are hindu brahman, but we respect in business values written in Quran Sharif.

Never lie to your customers

If your service is faulty, update customers. Rest is upto them to give you a chance or not.

Never over bill customers. Always give them more than they have paid for.

Return the sales if your customer is not happy.

Some of you might thing, we have gone mad and will not survive. Trust us we don't have bigger business dreams, but bigger attitude to follow our values.

Our Team

Please don't go on our smiles, we are very serious when we working. Photographer tricked us for these shots.


Denis Felix

Field Head


Ritu Singh

Director & Co-Founder


Abhishek Chakraborty

Director & Co-Founder

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